Fishing Vessel Gear PUMP

Fishing Vessel Gear PUMP

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Fishing Vessel Gear PUMPIt is mainly a kind of gear oil pump used in fishing vessel, driven by independent motor, which can effectively block upstream pressure pulsation and flow fluctuation. Fishing gear Pump Extrusion in the work of the production line using a gear pump, can improve the extruder's flow output speed, reduce the material in the extruder shear and residence time.

Fishing Vessel gear Pump is a kind of gear pump which is widely used. General gear pump usually refers to external gear pump. It is mainly composed of active gears, driven gears, pump bodies, pump caps and safety valves. The pump body, pump cover and gears form a sealed space and are the studio of the gear pump. The shafts of two gears are mounted separately in the bearing holes of two pump caps. The drive gear shaft is stretched out from the pump body and rotated by the motor drive. External gear pump structure is simple, light weight, low cost, reliable operation, a wide range of applications.

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