Four-linked hydraulic pump

Four-linked hydraulic pump

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Four-linked hydraulic pumpAdvantages and disadvantages of use:

Advantages: Simple and compact structure, small size, light weight, good workmanship, cheap price, strong self-suction, insensitive to oil pollution, large speed range, impact load, easy maintenance, reliable operation.
Cause: When the hydraulic oil used in the operation of the four-linked hydraulic pump, because the gear work in the intersection of the closed volume will be accompanied by changes in time, so we often use a part of the hydraulic oil is sealed between the teeth, so called the oil trap phenomenon, Due to the non-compressible hydraulic oil will cause the external gears to produce great vibration and noise, affecting the normal operation of the system.
When the use of four-connection hydraulic pump in the phenomenon of oil, should be taken: in the front and rear cover plate or floating bushing on the discharge groove, the principle of opening the unloading groove is in the two groove spacing is smaller in the closed volume, so that the closed volume from the large variable hour and the pressure oil cavity, so the closed volume from small to large when the

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