Quadruple Gear oil Pump

Quadruple Gear oil Pump

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Quadruple Gear oil PumpAt work, whether at the speed, working pressure or the flow required by the branch, the constant value of the mainstream control valve can always guarantee the flow required by the equipment. The output flow of the four-gear pump must be greater than or equal to the flow required by the main oil circuit, while two of the flow can be used for other purposes or return to the fuel tank. Fixed value a flow valve combines a single control with a hydraulic pump, saving the pipeline, eliminating external leaks and reducing costs. The typical application of this gear pump circuit is a common steering mechanism on a car crane, which saves a pump.

It provides a flow rate regardless of the speed, working pressure, or required flow size of the branch pump of the quadruple gear oil pump. However, the required flow is provided to the oil circuit only through one oil outlet, and until its adjustment value reaches a certain number, the circuit can replace the standard primary flow control circuit to obtain the output flow. Because the pressure of the no-load loop is lower than the fixed one flow control scheme, the temperature rise of the No-load loop is low and the power consumption is small. Load sensing ratio flow control valve and primary flow control valve, its typical application is power steering mechanism.

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