Double-linked hydraulic pump

Double-linked hydraulic pump

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Double-linked hydraulic pumpAt work, the rotor of two pumps is rotated and the work is driven by the same drive shaft, which is connected together with the same motor. The suction port of the double hydraulic pump is public, but the pressure oil outlet of the pump is separate to work.

Duplex hydraulic pump In the work can have two ways of working, one is to use alone, can also be used in parallel to use, such a double hydraulic pump in the work, a pump can play the role of two pumps at work. For example, the installation of two pumps on the loader, the role of a hydraulic pump is for the work, however, the role of another hydraulic pump is to turn, and the double-linked this pump can replace the functions of the two pumps. It is through the coupling to make two pumps work at the same time.

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