Duplex High Pressure Hydraulic pump

Duplex High Pressure Hydraulic pump

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Duplex High Pressure Hydraulic pumpThe structural features of:

1, simple structure, cheap price;
2, low job requirements, a large number of applications;
3, the end cover and gear of the various interdental grooves constitute a number of fixed sealing working cavity, can only be used as a quantitative pump.
The advantage of double high pressure hydraulic pump is that the tooth profile does not slide relatively in the process of gear meshing, so the tooth surface has no wear, balanced operation, no card liquid phenomenon, low noise and high efficiency. The pump from the traditional design constraints, so that the design, production and use of gear pump into a new field.

Dual high pressure hydraulic pump in the use of the process with differential pressure safety valve as the work of overload protection, according to the actual needs in the allowable use of emission pressure range for the corresponding adjustment. However, this safety valve can not do the long-term work of the pressure relief valve, in the work necessary to use the installation of pressure relief valve to carry out the work. The seal design of the pump shaft mainly has two forms of work, one is the filler seal, while the other is the mechanical seal, in addition can also be based on the specific use of the work and user requirements.

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