Duplex Gear Oil Pump

Duplex Gear Oil Pump

Product Details

Duplex Gear Oil Pumpis to put two gear pumps in parallel, can be supplied separately, can also be two oil supply together. General double pump using vane pump, one is a small flow high pressure pump, the other is a large flow low-pressure pump, parallel together, can meet the different needs of the system.

Duplex Gear oil Pump two gears connected into one, this dual-gear wheel is called a sliding gear, its role is to change the output shaft speed or speed, gearbox and sliding gears can have a variety of speed or speed, no sliding device has only one speed or speed.

Maintenance knowledge of duplex gear oil pump with the increase of the use time, the gear pump will appear insufficient pump oil, or even no oil and other problems, because the related parts wear too much. The wear components of the gear pump are automatic shafts and bushings, passive gear holes and shaft pins, pump shell cavities and gears, gear surfaces and pump covers. When the technical index does not meet the requirements after the light oil pump wear, it should be disassembled and differentiated, find out the wear site and level, and accept the response method to repair.

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