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How to repair the wear of gear oil pump Parts
- 2019-01-05-

The wear part of the gear is mainly the meshing of the tooth, the involute working face and the plane at both ends of the gear. When slightly worn, the tooth surface can be ground with oil and stone, and the ends are flat and polished on a flat plate. Gear tooth surface wear should replace the new gear, if only the two ends of the gear plane wear, can be polished on the surface grinder grinding.

  Gear oil PumpThe wear of the shaft is mainly due to the friction and wear between the two ends of the shaft and the roller needle, so that the diameter of the shaft becomes smaller. If the wear is small, a hard chrome coating can be applied to the area to increase the diameter of the shaft so that the shaft can be repaired.

The wear of the pump body surface of the gear oil pump is mainly the wear of the arc face of the oil suction section, if there is slight wear, the oil stone can be polished after the use of burrs. The pump body is formed by the blank cast iron castings, the wear is serious should replace the new parts. If both ends of the pump gears face grinding repair, the size of the pump body width should also be changed, and the two ends of the gear size equal to the size by grinding, reprocessing the face of the pump body at both ends should meet the standard technical requirements.

Gear oil pump end cover is generally made of cast iron, if the end cover after wear phenomenon, a slight can be repaired in the plane, but if the wear of more serious words should be in the plane grinding to repair, grinding the rear end cover and the pump body plane contact should not be too low. The plane tolerance, vertical tolerance, parallel tolerance of the two axes and the parallel tolerances of the centerline of the end face are 0.01mm.

After the repair of parts in the pump of gear oil pump, the bearing roller needle needs to be replaced regularly accordingly. The roller needle requirements for gear oil pump are: The size error of all roller needle diameter should not exceed 0.003mm, the length tolerance is 0.1mm, and the shaft coordination gap should be around 0.01mm, the rolling needle assembly should be filled with the bearing shell according to the quantity requirements, the rolling needle should be arranged in parallel with each other.

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