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Three problems needing attention in the operation of gear oil pump
- 2019-01-05-

  Gear oil PumpDuring operation, there is a gap between the end of the gear and the inner plane of the pump cover, and the wear of the gear end surface and the plane contact surface inside the pump cover will increase the end gap. When the limit value is exceeded, it will have a significant impact on the pump oil. When the end of the gear is worn, the end surface can be flattened, while the grinder decomposes the surface of the oil pump housing to ensure that the end gap of the pump is within the required range.

Because of the weight of the active gear and the partial radial thrust generated by the meshing of the passive gears when the gear oil pump is working, it is easy to cause eccentric wear of the shaft and bushing holes and increase the gap. Therefore, the amount of oil in the gear oil pump at work will leak due to the increase of clearance, the amount of oil is reduced. Drive shaft and bushing wear, repair shaft neck or repair bushing method to restore the mating gap. When the axle neck wear is light, simply press the old bushing out to replace the new bushing, the shaft is generally not repaired, so that the mating gap back to the allowable range. Shaft and bushing wear is very serious, a large increase in the mating gap, not only to replace the bushing, but also the shaft should be chrome plating or vibration surfacing diameter will increase, and then grind to the standard size, in order to restore the shaft neck and bushing assembly requirements.

The pump shell cavity and gear wear of gear oil pump will have a great influence on the amount of pump oil after work, gear oil pump when the shaft and bushing or shaft hole wear serious, when the gear oil pump in the work, the work of the tooth top and the surface of the pump shell will produce some undue contact, but also because the oil cavity than the inlet cavity produced a higher pressure, Therefore, in this kind of working situation, gear oil pump head and pump shell near the inlet cavity more contact, so the pump shell cavity is more wear here, so that the inner cavity and tooth top gap increases.

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