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Large flow of construction machinery gear pump How to maintain it for a long time
- 2019-01-04-

Large flow ofGear Pump for construction machineryIs the use of two gears to each other to work, the media requirements are not high. General pressure below 6MPa, large flow, large flow engineering mechanical gear pump in the pump body equipped with a pair of rotating gears, an active, a passive, according to the meshing of two gears, the pump's entire working cavity is divided into two separate parts. A is the suction chamber and B is the discharge chamber. When the gear pump of the construction machinery is operated by the active gear to drive the passive gear rotation, when the gear from the meshing surface from the suction side will form a local vacuum, inhale the liquid. The inhaled liquid fills each groove of the gear and takes it to the discharge side. When the gears are meshed, the liquid is squeezed to form a high-pressure liquid that drains the pump through the pump outlet.

1, often add fat, electric oil bucket pump running speed, grease volatile, so that bearing lubrication to keep clean, pay attention to replacement.

2, pay attention to keep the electric pump in a dry, clean and non-corrosive environment.

3, large flow engineering machinery gear pump often check and repair, electric oil bucket pump should be often inspected and repaired, as well as power lines should be checked: internal wires, plugs, switches are good, insulation resistance is normal, brush pine tail seat, commutator and brush contact is good, armature whether the phenomenon of moderate separation in the stator winding, Whether the bearing and rotating parts are damaged and so on.

4, large flow engineering machinery gear pump pay attention to insulation resistance, for a long time do not use or wet environment used in the electric pump, before use should be used 500v trillion euro meter to measure the insulation resistance of the winding. If the insulation resistance between the winding and the motor housing is less than 7 trillion euros, the winding should be dried.

5, save each part of the transaction the same part in the reform of the gear oil pump, should keep every part, pay attention to the fire explosion-proof surface part can not make it damage the hair including insulating gaskets and casing, if there is any damage, change to a new part, likewise must not use any performance specifications lower than the raw material alternative materials or original parts, Assemble all parts installed according to the original location and cannot be missed.

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