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Main causes of wear of hydraulic pump of crane
- 2019-01-04-

1,Crane Hydraulic PumpWear of internal parts can cause internal leakage. Among them, the large leakage area between floating bushing and gear surface is the main cause of internal leakage. This part of the leak accounts for about all internal leaks of the 50%~70%. The wear leakage efficiency of large flow gear pump is reduced, and the output power of large flow gear pump is much lower than that of input power. All of its losses are converted into thermal energy, which can result in large gear pump flow and overheating. If the combination plane is pressed too tightly, the floating bushing in the working process due to small movement and wear, resulting in slow or no lifting of agricultural tools. This floating bearing should be replaced or repaired.

2. The wear of the shell of the crane hydraulic pump is mainly the wear of the floating bushing hole. The gear is working under the action of pressure oil, the tooth tip of the gear pump is close to the large flow gear pump shell, and the low pressure cavity part of the pump body is worn. Another type of wear is the weekly wear of the working face in the shell, mainly due to the addition of oil is not pure, so the added oil does not contain impurities.

3, oil seal wear, rubber seal rubber Oil seal aging unloading list has deteriorated, lost elasticity, it has lost the high pressure seal and isolation affect the oil chamber and low pressure oil cavity will produce high pressure oil low pressure oil chamber, known as "internal leakage", it reduces the working pressure and flow rate of stainless steel magnetic gear pump. Crane hydraulic Pump long use time caused damage to the equipment or years of failure, air from the oil seal and spindle neck between the gap or from the inlet receiver and oil pump shell combined to be inhaled stainless steel magnetic gear pump, through the back tubing into the fuel tank, in the fuel tank to produce a large number of bubbles. It will cause the oil in the tank to decrease, the increase of oil in the engine oil bottom groove, so that the agricultural tool lift is slow or can not be improved.

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