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Maintenance and precautions of triple hydraulic Pump
- 2019-01-04-

1,Triple Hydraulic PumpThe oil supply method has two kinds of direct axial oblique disc pressure, which is the self-absorbing type of the pump plunger force oil type. For the pressure of the pump hydraulic oil to choose the pressure box, there are hydraulic pump oil to complement the pump to the triple hydraulic pump inlet supply pressure oil liquid oil absorption. The self-priming ability of the pressure pump is very strong, no external oil supply is required. If the hydraulic cylinder speed is found to be reduced or stuffy should be, when the car to the triple hydraulic pump repair, check the impeller marginal current injury scraping is like, triple hydraulic pump in the work of the open space is too large, triple hydraulic pump plug type pressure tank oil must not be lower than the lower limit of the oil standard enough to hold the amount of hydraulic oil. The more clean the hydraulic oil, the more the pump pressure liquid, the higher the use of life longer.

2, triple hydraulic Pump plunger hydraulic pump heavy shaft is the part of the bearing, assuming that the bearings appear clearance, it can not protect the internal pump pressure liquid Certificate Three pairs of friction pair of the normal open space, it will wear static pressure support oil film thickness, reduce the use of piston shaft pump time. According to the triple hydraulic pump manufacturer Qingzhou Jia and Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. supply of information are flat shaft, the use of life for 10000h, beyond this change more need to value new mouth. Remove the bearing down, after disassembly without checking the instrument can not check the gap of the bearing, only the process of operation and visual use of the equipment, if you need to replace, when replacing the need to pay attention to the English alphabet bearing and the original bearing type, the large pump bearing plug to choose the heavy load capacity, The original manufacturer of the original lattice for the purchase of the product, assuming that another brand has been replaced, because people have communicated the teaching experience of bearing table checking, the purpose is to adhere to such fine level and carrying capacity.

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