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Characteristics and application points of stainless steel gear oil pump
- 2019-01-04-

Stainless steelGear oil PumpThe importance of the production of concrete can be used in the design of the structure and performance, according to the use of methods and principles of work and use, can show good advantages of characteristics and performance of liquid transport, the following describes the structure and performance of stainless steel gear oil pump, in the use of matters needing attention, etc.:

1, turbo-type stainless steel gear pump mainly composed of turbines, housings and pump caps. The turbine is driven by an electric motor. Under the action of centrifugal force, the turbine clings to the shell, making the gap between the gasoline and the oil side of the oil inlet smaller, thus increasing the pressure. The fuel acts as a cooling through the interior of the engine.

2. Usually, the oil pump bracket fixed to the tank is suspended vertically in the tank. Two-stage stainless steel oil pump In the use of some of the matters and methods to pay attention to, due to the highly volatile gasoline, coupled with the pump operating temperature rise and oil absorption of local vacuum, gasoline vaporization, pump oil reduction, resulting in output oil pressure fluctuations. The two-stage electric gasoline pump, which is widely used in modern automobiles, is connected by two electric gasoline pumps, which improves the oil supply capacity. When the tubing is clogged or the gasoline filter is clogged, the gasoline pressure exceeds the specified value, opens the pressure limiting valve, and the gasoline returns to the oil inlet side. After the engine is extinguished, close the one-way valve to avoid the backflow of gasoline in the tubing, to maintain the residual pressure in the tubing, so that the engine starts up again.

3, Composition: Stainless steel pump is mainly composed of pump body, Permanent magnet DC motor and shell three parts. A safety valve and a one-way valve are also installed.

The safety valve, also known as the pressure limiting valve, is mainly composed of a seat, a sealed steel ball and a spring. The check valve is installed in the outlet of the stainless steel gear pump. Pump body is the main body of electric gasoline pump, according to its different structure can be divided into: roller type, turbine type, gear type and so on.

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