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Characteristics of four-linked gear oil pump
- 2019-01-04-

  Quadruple Gear oil PumpUsage Description: The use of this gear oil pump is generally applicable to the transport of corrosive or sanitary conditions high requirements of the working conditions, such as acid, alkali and other chemical raw materials, food and so on.

Quad Gear oil Pump Specifically, it is a kind of gear pump with acid resistance and wear resistance function. According to the design provided by the utility model, an active shaft and a passive shaft are mounted on the housing, the gears are mounted on a part of an active axle shell and a gear and gear are mounted on the passive shaft to form a pair of gears, the inlet and outlet of the material are arranged on the housing, It is characterized by: a ceramic plate is arranged in the inner wall of the cavity that holds the gear pair in the shell body. By changing the structure of the gear pump, the device can improve the acid resistance and wear resistance of the gear pump.

The gears of quadruple gear oil pump are common straight teeth, oblique teeth, herringbone teeth, helical teeth, and the tooth profile mainly has involute and arc type. Usually small stainless steel gear pump using involute straight gear, high-temperature gear pump commonly used gears, conveying high viscosity, high-pressure polymer melting melt pump using involute helical gears. Gears and shafts form a whole, with a higher rigidity and reliability than gear pumps made separately by gears and shafts. Foreign low-voltage gear pump gears usually use a square structure, that is, the tooth width of the gear is equal to the diameter of the gear Top Gear circle.

Features of quadruple gear oil pump:

1, device maintenance bento. Small quadruple gear oil pump can be installed on its own, large stainless steel gear pump is generally equipped with automatic coupling installation can be shut down automatic device, device maintenance is very convenient.

2, compact construction, accounting for small air accumulation. Quadruple gear oil Pump It can be mounted directly in the pool because it works under submerged liquids, so there is no need to build special pumping stations to install pumps and pumps, thus saving a lot of land and infrastructure costs.

3, there is no cavitation destruction and irrigation and water diversion and other problems. Long continuous operation time. Stainless Steel gear pump because the pump and motor coaxial, the shaft is short, the rotating parts are light weight, so the bearing received relatively small load, life is much longer than the ordinary pump.

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