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How to determine the method analysis of the fault of double-linked hydraulic pump
- 2019-01-04-

1,Double-linked hydraulic pumpAnalysis on the mechanism of loosening fault of ball head

Because the production error or the double hydraulic pump in the operation process of the pressure impact plunger hydraulic pump, often so that the plunger ball head and the concave deformation of the ball nest so that the ball head and ball nest Gap increase, easy to be engulfed by disturbance.

2, wavelet signal noise cancellation processing

The operating environment of the duplex hydraulic pump is usually in bad contrast. Its working condition is greatly affected by the environment, it is difficult to use the inspection signal of a single sensor to make a useful diagnosis of the characteristics of weak faults. The experimental results show that the piston hydraulic pump, the oscillation signal and the pressure signal for wavelet denoising, the regularity is poor, the time-varying and non-stationary of the ② reflects the significant plunger hydraulic pump. It is necessary to use principal component analysis to decouple the correlation between the characteristics of each fault, according to the fault characteristics of these two signals to obtain very difficult, there is a need to check the signal denoising treatment plunger hydraulic pump. To reduce the dimension of the fault characteristic; it can analyze the signal simultaneously in the time domain and frequency domain, the piston hydraulic pump, and the hydraulic pump is the heart of the hydraulic system.

The fluid-solid coupling effect of pump source and servo system and the hydraulic pump itself have a large inherent mechanical oscillation, it is difficult to briefly use the checked oscillation signal for useful fault diagnosis. The inspection signal contains a lot of disturbing signals, through wavelet processing, through wavelet analysis for signal denoising processing, in order to eliminate the impact of disturbance.

3, the information blending problem diagnosis method

Information blending is the intelligent composition of multi-source information. Then there is the problem of loosening the head of the plunger ball, the fault signal checked through the outlet of the pump source is often engulfed by the disturbance signal, usually the signal checked at the pump outlet contains a lot of noise, can be useful to eliminate the noise contained in the pump outlet oscillation signal. The selected information blending fault diagnosis process, therefore, through the hydraulic pump outlet configuration oscillation sensor and pressure sensor for fault checking, wavelet analysis is now a more useful signal processing method. It is beneficial to the acquisition of fault characteristics, and the BP neural network with improved algorithm is used to diagnose the loosening fault of hydraulic pump ball head.

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