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How to reduce the vibration and noise of gear oil pump
- 2019-01-04-

Now useGear oil PumpMore and more mechanical equipment to work, the quality of gear oil pump determines the operation of the equipment, but the use of a long time after the gear oil pump in the work process will produce vibration and noise, now Qingzhou and Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. on how to reduce the vibration and noise of gear oil pump to introduce you:

1, for the vibration of the motor can be balanced motor rotor, motor base under the security vibration rafters pad, replacement motor bearings and other methods to solve. Ensure the installation concentric degree of the "motor-hydraulic pump" device. Isolate or eliminate external vibration sources with external vibration sources, and enhance the rigidity of connectors with external loads.

2, fuel tank device using anti-vibration measures and completely eliminate the pump into the air measures.

3, the use of anti-resonance measures. The spring stiffness of the oscillator valve or the spring stiffness that makes it adjust the pressure appropriately. For pipeline vibration, if the hand pressure, tone change is pipe vibration, gear pump can be installed pipe clamp, appropriate change of pipe length and thickness and other methods to eliminate, or add a piece of hose in the pipe to play a damping role.

4, Pipeline. If the size of the return tubing is changed, the appropriate bold and short reduction, when the two pumps out of the oil flow do not make the two pump oil flow into the pair to the confluence, into a less than 90. The angle flow of the.

5, by thickening the top of the tank and welding reinforcement, can eliminate the resonant sound of the fuel tank. Fill a hard rubber plate under the base of the "electric hydraulic pump" device, or separate the "electric hydraulic pump" device from the fuel tank; Use a damper when you need it.

6, the selection of electro-hydraulic commutator valve with damping, and adjust the commutative speed of the commutator valve.

7, for the hydraulic control check valve vibration, you can take measures to increase the pressure of hydraulic control, reduce the back pressure of the outlet, the use of leakage type hydraulic control check valve.

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