The method of disassembly of double gear oil pump
- 2019-01-05-

Duplex Gear Oil Pumpis a kind of volumetric pump, its composition is generally composed of two gears, pump body and front and rear cover combination. When the gears of the double gear oil pump rotate, the volume of the gear side space becomes larger from small, which makes it easier to form a vacuum. The liquid was sucked in. The Suction chamber and discharge chamber are separated by two gear meshing lines. The outlet pressure of the gear pump depends on the size of the pump source resistance. When the gear pump is working, the drive wheel rotates with the motor, driving the drive wheel to rotate with the motor. The pump body is equipped with a safety valve. When the discharge pressure exceeds the prescribed pressure, the liquid can be automatically pushed away so that the high-pressure liquid returns to the suction tube.

First, remove the double gear oil pump from the original stage:

During maintenance, the pump can be removed from the pump's platform or removed from the pump's connection pipe by removing the pump's intermediate coupling.

Second, if necessary, remove the safety valve:

If the duplex gear pump is equipped with a safety valve, it will remove the safety valve with the pump cover or the bolt of the pump body when the work is loosened to connect the safety valve.

Third, remove the rear cover of the Duplex gear oil pump:

1, if the back cover has a safety valve. The rear cover can be removed with the safety valve as a whole;

2. Before removing the rear cover, make a mark on the relative position of the pump cover and the pump body, remove the rear cover bolts and remove the rear cover. Note: When removing the rear cover of the pump, the moving gear is usually connected to the rear cover of the pump, and the rear cover should be kept away from the lower side of the pump to prevent the moving gear from slipping, resulting in personal injury or gear damage.

Four, after the removal of the rear cover gasket of the double gear oil pump, if no new gasket is added for use, and if the old gasket is not damaged, then the old gasket can still be used.

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