Reasons and preventive measures of water inlet in the work of triple gear oil pump
- 2019-01-05-

Everyone is using it on a daily basis.Triple Gear Oil PumpIn the process, if there is a pump body into the part of the water, if you check the pipeline and pump when you can not find the problem, some will go back to ask our pump is not there is such a problem or that, in fact, the pump itself has no problem. Today Qingzhou excellent and Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. probably summed up the following several reasons please refer to:

First, the reason for the water intake

1. The oil tank cover of the triple gear oil pump condenses The moisture in the air due to the alternation of heat and cold, and turns into a water bead falling into it.

2, the transmission pipeline in the water-cooled cooler due to sealing damage or cooling pipe rupture, such as the leakage into the oil.

3, oil barrels in the water, rainwater, human sweat, water coolant splash (such as grinder) leakage into the oil.

Second, measures to prevent water from entering and preventing rust

1. The transportation and storage of oil products shall take measures to prevent the entry of rainwater. Oil barrels containing hydraulic oil should not be placed in the open air, oil barrel sealed rubber should be reliable.

2, check and eliminate water-cooled oil cooler leakage, seepage failure, this failure when the oil is white, and then check the seal damage and cooling pipe damage, disassembly repair or replacement.

3, indoor equipment to prevent house leakage and rain flow out of the window, outdoor equipment must be on sunny days to refuel, gear pump as far as possible to avoid working on rainy days, fuel tank should be tightly sealed to prevent rainwater infiltration into the oil.

4, generally we are the use of oil and water separation performance of good oils used in the triple gear oil pump, in some places there is a filter oil filter can be filtered, if you can use can be installed words can be.

5, under the general conditions of light load equipment, mixed with water must not be greater than 0.2%, intermittent time long equipment and precision equipment, mixed with water should be less than O. 5%.

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