Duplex Hydraulic Pump If it's broken, how do you fix it?
- 2019-01-05-

Double-linked hydraulic pumpSuitable for conveying a variety of lubricating liquids, can be equipped with high-temperature materials, double hydraulic pump in the working process is generally not suitable for hard particles or fibers, conveying corrosive, highly volatile or low flash point of the liquid, then low-pressure duplex hydraulic pump In the use of damaged how we should deal with it:

1, double-linked hydraulic pump active shaft and bushing after wear repair

If the transmission shaft and bushing of the low pressure gear pump are worn in the working process, then the coordination gap will be increased, which will affect the oil supply of the gear pump. In this case, the normal mating gap can be restored by repairing the drive shaft or bushing. If the drive shaft is well worn, simply press out the old bushing, replace the standard bushing, and return to the promised size with the gap. If the drive shaft and bushing wear seriously and the coordination gap is seriously overspent, not only to replace the bushing, but also to use chrome plating or impact surfacing method to increase its diameter, and then grind to the standard size, repair and bushing with the need.

2, double-linked hydraulic pump smooth oil pump shell repair shell crack Repair

Shell cracks can be welded by casting 508 nickel copper electrode. The weld must be tight and porous, and the plane degree error of the contact surface with the pump cover is not greater than 0. 05 mm.

3, double-linked hydraulic pump active shaft liner hole and the wear of the moving shaft hole repair

Low pressure double hydraulic pump active shaft liner hole wear, can be used to eliminate the wear marks of the reamer, and then to increase the size of the bushing. The wear marks of the moving shaft hole are eliminated by the hole expansion method, and the driven shaft is made according to the actual size of the expansion hole.

4, double-linked hydraulic pump pump shell internal cavity repair

After the internal cavity of the pump shell is worn, it is usually modified by the inner cavity setting method, and the inner cavity is lined with cast iron or steel bushing.

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