Maintenance and management of gear oil pump at high temperature
- 2019-01-05-

In the case of high temperaturesGear oil PumpIt is the equipment needed for polyester melt conveying, pressurization and melt metering. Compared with other types of melt pump, high temperature gear pump has the advantages of compact structure, high volumetric efficiency, reliable operation, low energy consumption and small shear effect on melt.

Pump disassembly and cleaning, rise, cooling, start and stop should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating regulations, so as not to cause unnecessary losses in the work process, so that the gear oil pump in the work to maintain the pressure of the booster pump stability, so that it has a stable volumetric efficiency, In order to facilitate the pump itself in the work process for its own quality stability, to maintain the filling function pressure higher than the external atmospheric pressure. In the course of work if the resulting back pressure is reduced, the pressure generated by the filler should be adjusted, otherwise it will cause the gear oil pump to inhale air, resulting in a strip break belt, so that the case will affect the cutting particles, resulting in the granulator discharge. Therefore, this requires the staff to check the temperature of the heat media jacket from time to time, the main body and the front and back cover of the heat medium temperature should be as consistent as possible.

Because the pump body works at high temperature, the pipe should be equipped with hinge support during cold installation to prevent the displacement after the pipeline heats up. The coupling must be hot straightening after the pump body is heated to avoid generating additional torque during operation. The pressure measuring point at the pump outlet shall be arranged to stop the alarm, otherwise, once the outlet pipe is blocked, it is easy to cause damage to the pump body. When the pump starts, when there is no pressure formation on the outlet, blind acceleration is not allowed to avoid premature damage to the shaft or bearing. When the cleaning liquid is transported, do not use the pump to transport the cleaning solution, the pump should be removed from the internal parts, until the liquid is delivered and then installed, so as to avoid mixing foreign bodies in the pump. The temperature of the heat medium clamp of the pump body can be slightly lower than that of the front and rear clamp. Because the melt viscosity is a reduction function of shear rate, the extrusion of gears and the decrease of thermal medium temperature can prevent the degradation of melt.

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