Gear Pump for construction machinery

Gear Pump for construction machinery

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Gear Pump for construction machineryis now the use of a more common gear pump on the market, it is used to use two of the same size gears in a tightly matched shell meshing each other, so as to allow the outer diameter of the gear and both sides and the shell closely, it at work will be required materials in the suction inlet between the same time into the middle of two gears, This is followed by the rotation of the teeth while working at the same time as the two teeth meshing.

When the gear pump of the construction machinery works, because the liquid can not be compressed at work, the liquid and teeth can not occupy the same space at the same time, so that the liquid is mechanically squeezed out. Due to the continuous meshing of the tooth surface, this phenomenon continues to occur, so at the pump outlet also provides a constant displacement, the pump every turn, the same displacement. As the drive shaft continues to rotate, the fluid in the pump is also discharged without interruption. The flow of the pump is directly related to the speed of the pump.

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