High Voltage gear oil pump Manufacturers

High Voltage gear oil pump Manufacturers

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High Voltage gear oil pump ManufacturersThe production of high-pressure gear oil pump is mainly used in mechanical equipment lubrication system to transport lubricants, lubricants are suitable for transport temperature of less than 300 ℃. Stainless Steel gear pump, can be transported without lubricating oil, beverages, low corrosive liquid. Copper gears can transport gasoline, benzene and other low-inner point liquid. The series of pumps is not only equipped with ordinary motors, but also according to user needs to configure the same specifications of explosion-proof motor.

High-voltage gear oil pumps and shafts are mounted in replaceable bushings for easy operation. When the high pressure gear pump works, the lubrication of each part of the pump can be realized automatically by using the conveying medium. Four bearing sleeves in the pump are mounted on the pump float, and the end gap is automatically adjusted with the working pressure. Therefore, the pump pressure is stable, the output flow pulsation is small, the dissolution efficiency is high.

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