Gear oil Pump

Gear oil Pump

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Gear oil PumpNow in a number of industries more applications, gear pump has a strong structure, easy installation, simple maintenance, uniform flow and continuous, wear small, long service life and other advantages.

What should we avoid while using gear pumps?

1, gear pump in the process of frequent lubrication, oil volatility is large, so pay attention to add and replace, and then keep the bearing clean;

2, when the gear oil pump in the use of the process or after the use of the case, this needs to put the electric oil pump in the non-corrosive, and the surrounding environment is relatively dry, relatively clean;

3, gear pump in the use of the process to carry out inspection and maintenance, should pay attention to check whether the electric fuel tank has a power cord, internal wiring, plugs, switches abnormal use, bearings and other parts have damage and so on.

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